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Social media is an important part of running a carpet cleaning business these days and it is no different for our company! Customers love to see social proof of images, reviews, videos and blogs. We love to update our loyal clients on a regular basis through our social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

Social accounts are more important than ever and below are some of the social platforms you can find us on for more reviews, info, articles and testimonials among much more details on the everyday running of our company, including images of the work we have carried out.

5 Reasons For Social Media

In this article, we are gonna talk about how social media marketing helps businesses like ours and yours and the main reasons you need it to have it!

We are a small carpet cleaning business and we tell you here tips, tricks and strategies to grow your business and fuel your brand. So the best way to understand how social media marketing helps businesses is to understand the five main reasons you need it.

So let’s jump right in.

Reason number one: It’s where your customer is, your customers are on their phone looking at social media all the time particularly after work they’re not watching TV anymore looking at BBC, SKY, ABC, NBC & ITV … those channels still exist, but today the new TV is Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat or even TikTok. This is where your customers are and so, therefore, it’s important, because that’s where you need to be.

Reason number two: Social proof is a part of the buying process these days when somebody is analysing who they’re going to do business with. They’re typically going look at your website maybe do some research about you. They’re going to see what your online reputation looks like and nowadays. They will also check for social proof… Do you have new followers and the assumption is if you don’t have any followers you probably don’t have any customers. And so do you want to have that kind of assumption about your business? Probably not, which is why you need to invest in social media marketing and start building a following for your brand.

Tip number three: It’s the new referral system. Right, people still want referrals when they’re thinking about who they’re going do business with. In the old days, they would ask their friends, “hey what do you think hey where should I go for this”, “where should I go for that”, “who should I buy from for this?”… This is still occurring today but it is not on a one-to-one relationship anymore, face to face. It’s on social media, people are asking for referrals and looking for referrals, on social media all the time, so if you’ve seen a drop off in your referral business, what you’ve really seen is a drop off in your social media marketing presence in comparison to your competitors so that’s a good reason why you need to step it up.

Reason number four: It creates brand awareness! Brand awareness is huge to your success because somebody may not be able to or ready to buy today but they may be in a week or a month or six months or a year from now and when that time comes, you want them to think of you first and by staying in front of these people on social media is building brand awareness. It’s renting space in their mind whether they like it or not, so when they finally do need to buy your product or service, they think of you first and not your competitor!

Reason number five: You have to invest in it because if you don’t, your competitors will and you’ll get passed up, you have to evolve marketing. It is always going be needed, it’s like we need food, water to survive… A business needs marketing to survive but the vehicle of which, the way that you market, that’s going to constantly change and constantly evolve and that’s what’s occurred with social media. This is where your customer is now, so whether you like it or not, that’s where it’s going, or gone even, so that’s where you need to be. So hopefully these five tips help you better understand why social media marketing is important for your business and help on how to grow your business and hopefully take you to the next level.

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