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Super Carpet Cleaning has been in the industry for many years now and is a small well-trained team. The company spends a lot of time and money on training its staff to the highest of their abilities. This training enables the company to carry out more services than the competitors and also offer a superior quality clean at the same time.

This investment has also resulted in the company becoming more streamlined and thus affordable to paying customers in the North West. Prices are kept low because of the powerful machines we have purchased, which means we can carry out work faster and more efficiently.

Our employees are also very friendly and considerate to clients. This is achieved through thorough and comprehensive scrutiny when hiring and ongoing, in-house training for all staff on the best ways to treat clients and methodology of customer care!

More About Us:

Being a part of a company that’s forward-thinking really allows you to bring new and innovative ideas to the workplace. Looking at things from a different angle and learning from someone else’s perspective and where they come from.

Try to see things in people that they don’t see in themselves and give them encouragement. And really embrace the power of diversity and the power of diverse thought. And really help unleash the power of innovations. We love challenges, to be honest, because they always help us develop new innovative ideas.

If people have that fearless approach, we think that ultimately makes our company more successful.

You can’t be afraid to have an opinion. We definitely feel like I have a voice. We feel very supported in what I do. We really feel empowered and feel that the work that we are doing, really matters, and is really ultimately driving our purpose.

That… that’s our identity. That is actually key for us. We do feel a responsibility to make this world a better place, moving towards a much more sustainable solution. With our community, and with our society, we have a role to help one another… to solve large social problems… reaching out to the community… investing in our people and investing our products in the local regions.

We think that’s our duty, but it’s also an opportunity for us. This leads to better results at work. And to make this happen, you know, it’s a great dream. And we are so motivated by that. The best thing, for us, is feeling like you’re a part of something really important. That’s what drives us.

We like to look at the company and say, “Wow, that’s a very inclusive company. They’re innovative… they’re on the cutting edge of technology… and that’s a place that I can see myself working at.”


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