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Bolton, UK is a city with many interesting facts and history. If you are planning to visit this lovely place or live here, it’s important that you know all about the town. To begin with, Bolton has been around since at least 1066 AD when it was mentioned in the Domesday book as belonging to Gamel Bern who gave his name to the village of Great and Little Bolton. From there on for over 700 years Great Bolton grew slowly but steadily growing into a small market town where cotton mills were built along the River Croal which powered wool spinning machinery by Thomas Johnson & Co Ltd. The first mill was opened in 1779 followed by another opening in 1868 then called Greenfield Mill later renamed Kearsley Mill.

Bolton is a town in Greater Manchester, England. The town has a population of over 300,000 people and is the largest settlement in the metropolitan borough. It was granted its charter as a market town by Lord Byron of Rochdale back in 1251; this makes it one of the oldest townships to be founded and settled on British soil. This post will give you an insight into Bolton: what there is to do, where to go and how it got its name! Bolton exists within the boundaries of Lancashire County, which itself borders Greater Manchester – home to cities like Salford and Wigan (which are both well worth visiting). Bolton’s history dates back centuries!

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Visitors to Bolton UK will be sure to find many things to do and see during their stay. From historical sites like the Towneley Hall, which is a Tudor mansion, to shopping at one of the local markets, there is always something interesting going on in this northern town. For those who enjoy nature and wildlife, Bolton UK offers some excellent opportunities for outdoor activities as well. The Rivington Pike Tower provides visitors with stunning views of the surrounding area from its location atop a hilltop. Visitors can explore both indoor exhibits as well as go outside onto an observation deck that surrounds the tower itself. There are also several parks where visitors can take walks or have picnics during their time in Bolton UK.

Bolton is a town in Greater Manchester, England. It has an estimated population of 260,000 to 300,000 people. There are many attractive features about the area including its rural landscape and green spaces. The Rail Heritage Centre gives visitors the chance to learn more about Bolton’s history as well as take them on steam train rides around the local area. However, if visiting during the winter months there are fewer attractions open to visitors. The city is also famous for the great football team Bolton Wanderers!


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