Are you a home owner who is tired of dealing with a dozen cleaning companies just to get the house cleaned? Then you’ve found your dream service provider in the region. Super Carpet Cleaning is a specialized cleaning company that is bound on delivering a full experience to all customers, not only domestic ones. With us you can book any service you need, with one phone call.

Main lineup of services

We maintain a wide range of services that can be useful to all kinds of customers, bellow you will see a full list of said services and what they do.

  • Carpet cleaning – deals with the proper cleaning of any carpet type that is out there, both natural and synthetic. Cleaning is done either with a dry cleaning detergent of with steam.
  • Rug cleaning – rugs require a little more finesse when being worked with, due to the gentle and delicate nature of some fibers used in the more exotic varieties. This is why we emphasize on the usage of dry compounds that preserve the materials.
  • Upholstery cleaning – we use all natural detergents when dealing with upholstery, regardless of the fibers or materials. We specialize in leather and other fibrous materials, but also do extensive work with additional materials, so rest assured we can clean your couch.
  • Mattress cleaning – we can extract any kind of natural and degradable stain from blood to urine and even most greasy foods, all of this done without using any harmful materials or chemicals in the process.
  • Curtain cleaning – we use portable versions of our cleaning methods, which rarely require us to take the curtain down, minimizing wrinkling and stress on the material itself, while making it more convenient for you and our workers.

Other services you can book with Super Carpet Cleaning

  • Oven cleaning – we will degrease all parts of the oven, take it apart, soak it in a special solvent a make it sparkle like new, then put it back together for you, free of charge.
  • Window cleaning – for office buildings especially its important to do a good job, we pride ourselves on the quality of work that we manage to bring to each project, and we’d be happy if you could see for yourself.
  • One-off cleaning – you give us a call and let us deal with everything else, from your kitchen to your bedroom and back. All done in one day without any hassle or deposits.
  • After builders cleaning – with this you won’t have to deal with any of the filth leftover from the recent renovations you’ve done to your home or office.

Book our services now

Save yourself the trouble of looking for different cleaning companies for each room or carpet, we do it all, just give us a call at 020 3404 2730 and enjoy a full cleaning job, from your bathroom to the cushions of your sofa, all in one day all with one phone call. You can also use our online form to Request a Quote